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EDR Viewing Area

This is where you can view any files that have been securely uploaded by Chandler’s archives

Once you click on the link EDR Viewing Area it will list all the files that have been uploaded for you to view, each user will only be able to see the files that they have permissions to see, the files will be in date order from when they were uploaded. To view one of the files just click on the file name.

 If the file has been retrieved from archive and scanned it will ask you for your password again before you can open the file.

Once the password has been entered and if you have been given permissions, you will be able to view, save or print the file. Any one of these functions can be removed for security purposes depending on the Account Managers business requirements.

If the file is a spread sheet and you click on the file name it will ask if you would like to view or save the file.

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