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Health and Safety Policy



Policy Statement 


Chandlersarchives is committed to progressive improvements in health and safety standards.  We believe that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within Chandlersarchives overall business plan and that people are the company’s most valuable asset.  We are therefore committed to protecting the long- term health of our employees, and others who are affected by our work, and the welfare of the environment, through the continuous improvement of our health and safety performance.


To meet this commitment, Chandlersarchives will consult with staff on health and safety issues, will provide adequate job training and health and safety information and will provide safe and healthy working conditions.  Health and Safety cannot be achieved by management alone and Chandlersarchives employees have an obligation to comply with the Company’s Health and Safety policies and procedures.  Every person has a responsibility to themselves and colleagues to work safely.


Because we are human, mistakes will be made but because we are committed to the continual improvement of our Health and Safety policy, we will investigate to identify the basic causes and take action to prevent these mistakes being repeated. 


Continuous compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation is recognised as a basic minimum requirement.



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