Securley Request Files

First Log into Chandlers archives secure website 

Request File Image 1

You can use either of the links to login, once you have clicked on a link it will open the screen below.

Request File Image 2

Now enter your username (email address) and password in the boxes provided then click login, this will open the welcome screen shown below.

Request File Image 3

You can now choose from the links which option you would like.

Send your secure message/requests to Chandler’s archives

Request File Image 4

This is where you can send a request or secure message to chandler’s archives

Fill in the details of the file or box you wish to request.

Request File Image 5

Enter in the boxes provided the request information (Box Number/Name/Date) theses boxes will have already been set up by Chandlers archives tailored to your needs.

Request File Image 6

If you require additional files/boxes, click “Add Row” and fill in details

In the last box marked Any Further Notes you can type/paste any message you would like to send to chandlers archives.

Once you have added all the information you want Chandlers archives to receive click the box “Forward Request to Chandlers archives”.

Request File Image 7

This will open the screen below confirming your request and your personal details.

Request File Image 8

Once you have checked the details are correct, just click “Send Request”.

Request File Image 9

This will show the request confirmation screen, Chandlers archives will then send you an email to confirm they have received your request and are dealing with it.

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