How to upload a file

This is where Users can upload their own files on to the secure server for Chandler’s archives to see.

How to Upload File Image 13

Click on the link “Upload” and it will show the screen below.

All the files that you have previously uploaded will be listed at the bottom of the screen in date order.

To add your new file/spreadsheet, enter the title of the file you are uploading in the box provided.

How to Upload File Image 14

Then click on the box marked “Browse”.  This will allow you to browse for files/spreadsheets that are saved on your Computer. 

Find the file/spreadsheet you wish to upload and click “Add file”

How to Upload File Image 15

Once the file/spreadsheet is uploaded, Chandlers archives will receive an email asking them to view their secure on line system to down load your file/spreadsheet.

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