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Document Storage

The ideal solution to document management!

Document archiving - No job too small - Friendly flexible service

We offer two ways to store your documents

  • Secured and self managed units within the facility that would accommodate up to 500 A4 size 405 x 320 x 265 mm boxes, maximum weight capacity per box of 17kg.
  • Single A4 size 405 x 320 x 265 mm boxes, maximum weight capacity per box of 17kg, stored in the facility and managed by Chandlers archives.

This State of the Arts Facility offers

  • Secured Facility, 50 yards from our residence and housed within a locked compound
  • Self managed units, 175 square feet floor space, racked, able to store up to 500 boxes.
  • Chandlers archives management of any number of boxes from one to thousands of boxes.
  • Strategically placed Fire Extinguishers through out the Facility.
  • A “No Smoking” policy on site. All combustible materials, cigarette, matches, lighter, will be removed from anyone entering the Facility.
  • Zoned, high and low temperature and humidity sensors
  • Fire detector alarm system to BS5839 PART 1, relayed to auto dialer.
  • Alarmed at all entry and exit points, connected to auto dialer.
  • The Highest Quality Racking, cad drawn so that each racking bay holds 48 only A4 size 
    405 x 320 x 265 mm boxes.
  • Maximum stacking height will be 3 boxes, creating ideal storage to alleviate any crushing of boxes.
  • Computerised environmental controls, including back up computer control.
  • Electrical mains powered and backed up by automatic generator to give continual supply
  • Computerised Heating and Humidity control to keep paper in ideal conditions.

Collection and delivery of boxes to your address.

  • Supply of archive boxes, tapes etc. available at very competitive prices.
  • Normal business hours 8.00a.m to 6.00p.m. Five days a week. Availability to collect and deliver seven days a week from the Facility, with prior notice.
  • CCTV Cameras.
  • 24 Hour continual monitoring and remote recording.
  • Registered under the Data Protection Act.
  • Free initial collection of your documentation.
  • A tailored solution to meet your document management needs.

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Chandlers Archives Limited is a registered company in England and Wales

Company Number: 4980074
Address: Cannon House, Rutland Road, Sheffield, S3 8DP
VAT Registered Number: 848/1808/01